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Contact Lenses
When used properly, contacts are a very convenient and safe way to see comfortably! When thinking about contact lenses, patients often have many questions. They include:

Are contact lenses safe?

If you follow instructions and wear and care for them properly, there is no cause for concern. The percentage of eye infections or loss of vision is about the same with contact lens wearers as with those who do not use them. If a contact lens gets stuck in the eye, it is not an emergency- and something we can help you with at the office.

Do contact lenses require a lot of care?

Contact lens care is simple with most types of contact lenses. Disposable soft lenses have streamlined the care- and some lenses like Daily Disposable lenses require no care at all. We will make sure that you are understanding all aspects of lens care before you leave our office with your new lenses.

I am nervous about handling contact lenses! Can you help me?

Contact LensesThe apprehension you feel when it comes time to placing something on your eye is quite normal but, millions of people have learned to do so. With proper instruction, and a little practice, you will find that handling contact lenses is easy. You will be able to insert and remove your contacts before you leave our office. And if you need a little brush up on technique, you can view the video on this web site about contact lens handling by going to our home page and looking in the EyeMotion video center.

What about the cost of contact lenses? Will I still be responsible for the cost if I decide contacts are not right for me?

At Door County Eye Associates, we take the risk out of the cost of contact lenses by giving you a trial period to ensure you can wear the lenses satisfactorily and that you like how you see with contact lenses. If you decide you don’t like the contact lenses, just return your trials and there will be no charge. It’s as simple as that!

There are so many types of contact lenses- which one is right for me?

Contact LensesToday there are contact lenses that may be worn up to 30 consecutive days as well as lenses that are designed to be thrown after each use. Specially designed rigid gas permeable contact lenses may even be worn during sleep, gently reshaping the corneal surface to correct nearsightedness allowing the person to function during the day without contact lenses or glasses! From bifocal contact lenses to lenses for astigmatism, there is a contact lens out there for anyone.

Feel free to give our office a call and let us suggest the type of contact lens we feel is right for you. Every eye is different but, if you are motivated and want to wear contact lenses, we can find a lens that is right for you!


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